Steg USB-UART Pmod™ Compatible Module


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The Steg USB-UART protocol converter module provides a bridge between a USB host and a 12-pin Pmod™ compatible socket configured as a UART.

Steg supports two modes:

  • PMOD UART to USB bridge
  • Stand-alone USB to UART bridge device

Steg also provides 4 GPIO pins that can be read or written to with the (low-speed) USB HID protocol.

Steg is powered by the USB connection and does not provide power to the PMOD connector.


  • MCP2200 USB 2.0 to UART Protocol Converter with GPIO
    • USB CDC for communications
    • USB HID for I/O control and configuration
    • Hardware flow control
    • Supports baud rates from 300 to 1,000,000
    • 256 bytes EEPROM
    • No third-party drivers required on most operating systems
  • 12-pin Pmod™ compatible header
  • Configurable white TX/RX activity LEDs
  • USB-C connector
  • 25mm x 20.32mm board dimensions