Kröte FPGA Board


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Kröte is a minimal FPGA development board. The FPGA can be programmed with gateware built using open-source FPGA development tools.

We recommend using either a Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Pico, Werkzeug or Müsli to program the flash and SRAM with the ldprog tool.


  • ICE40HX4K FPGA (7680 LUTs, 2 PLLs)
  • 2Mbit (256KB) NOR Flash (via included MMOD module)
  • 1 MMOD socket (on the bottom)
  • 5 Pmod™ compatible expansion ports
  • ISP header for unlimited FPGA SRAM reconfiguration
  • 100MHz crystal oscillator
  • 4 white LEDs
  • USB-C power-only connector
  • 45mm x 45mm board dimensions


  • Example gateware, schematics and pinouts are available on Github