Blog Entries

  • Freedom of Thought
    Deep thinking often requires writing. The writing down of thoughts can be affected by perceived privacy. Thus, the erosion of perceived privacy may reduce the capacity for deep thought. I’ve always been interested in writing. I believe that in order to write interesting things, you can’t censor yourself, you have to write the first thought […]
  • FPGA Computing
    Machdyne makes open-source FPGA computers. In this post we’ll explain what an FPGA computer is, what they can be used for, and why we’re bothering to make them. An FPGA (field-programmable gate array) is chip that contains an array of programmable logic blocks. Together, these logic blocks can be configured to act as various digital […]
  • Automation and Beyond
    We decided earlier this year to temporarily slow down PCB design and production in order to build a pick-and-place machine. Manual PCB assembly can be a tedious, repetitive, time-consuming and sometimes stressful process and we were spending most of our time assembling boards. We determined that at least partially automating the assembly process was the […]
  • Announcing Machdyne UG
    Machdyne began in 2021 as the experimental hardware division of Lone Dynamics Corporation, an American technology company, whose mission is to improve the state of reality for humanity through technology.   Since then, Machdyne has produced several open-source general-purpose computers designed to operate and remain useful for decades. Our focus has been on supporting timeless […]
  • The Zeitreise Cyberdeck
    Zeitreise is a minimalist slabtop cyberdeck with a chorded keyboard designed as a test platform and demo for some of our upcoming cyberdeck components: Kaugummi FPGA computer Nickel power supply Akkord Acht chorded keyboard Zeitreise is based on the Kaugummi FPGA computer, which is capable of running Kakao Linux on a RISC-V SOC built with […]