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  • Practical timeless computing.
    Overview Timeless (adj.) not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion We make computers designed for timeless applications. We have previously written about timeless computing in a theoretical way, this post is about using our computers to create a practical environment for timeless applications. While modern computers are very fast and useful […]
  • The future of Machdyne.
    Recap Over the past year we’ve been busy designing and building a series of timeless FPGA computer prototypes in small batches. Along the way we’ve also built over a dozen modules and tools. When we talk about “timeless” applications we mean things that people were doing 100 years ago that they will likely still be […]
  • Timeless computing.
    Overview Computers are getting better but also worse. Faster, but often less responsive. More capable and complex, but less understandable and less secure. Cheaper, but more disposable. In many cases, instead of computers being tools of humanity, we are becoming tools of the computers. We chase the latest technology in order to run the latest […]