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Schoko is an FPGA-based computer designed for running timeless applications on Linux.


  • Lattice ECP5 FPGA (LFE5U-45F)
    • 44K LUTs
    • 4 PLLs
  • 32MB SDRAM
  • 32MB NOR Flash (via user-replaceable MMOD module)
  • 2 Digilent Pmod™ compatible expansion ports
  • 1 USB host port
  • 1 USB-C port for power and configuration
  • 1 JTAG header
  • MicroSD card slot
  • DDMI (Differential Data Multiple Interface) port
    • Supports DVI over HDMI connector
  • VGA port (supports 8 colors)
  • 100mm x 50mm board dimensions (revision V1)


  • LiteX and Linux support
  • USB DFU bootloader

Optional Accessories


  • Example gateware, schematics, documentation and a 3D-printable case are available on GitHub
  • Kakao is our Linux distribution for timeless applications

Designed by Lone Dynamics Corporation. Manufactured in Germany. Assembled, tested and shipped from Germany.

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