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The Zeitreise Cyberdeck

Zeitreise Cyberdeck

Zeitreise is a minimalist slabtop cyberdeck with a chorded keyboard designed as a test platform and demo for some of our upcoming cyberdeck components:

Zeitreise is based on the Kaugummi FPGA computer, which is capable of running Kakao Linux on a RISC-V SOC built with LiteX.

Typing on the Akkord Acht keyboard requires pressing the binary equivalent of an ASCII code, for example to type an ‘a’ you would press 01100001 and for backspace you would press 00001000.

Part of the fun of building a cyberdeck is choosing the components and customizing the design, so we don’t currently plan to sell complete cyberdecks, but rather to offer components that make it easier and more fun to build them.

Inside the Zeitreise Cyberdeck

We intend to open-source the Zeitreise design after some additional testing and refinement so that it can be used as a starting point for your own design.

We also plan to release additional cyberdeck components, including a LiFePO4 power supply and a more traditional keyboard.