Krume Compute Module


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Krume is a small (2cm x 2cm) FPGA-based SOM (System-on-a-Module) designed to be embedded in a larger system. Krume can be easily programmed with custom gateware that can be built using open-source FPGA development tools.


  • ICE5LP4K FPGA (3520 LUTs)
    • 1K words BRAM
  • 64Mb (8MB) QSPI PSRAM
  • 32Mb (4MB) QSPI NOR Flash
  • 7 GPIO pins (3.3V)
  • In-System Programmable FPGA configuration SRAM and flash
  • 1 white LED
  • Requires a 3.3V external power supply
  • 20mm x 20mm board dimensions


Use Cases

  • Embedded computing