Kuchen Computer


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Kuchen is an experimental FPGA-based computer designed for timeless applications.

Note: While all functionality has been tested separately, it has not been tested simultaneously. Due to the limited amount of available logic it may or may not be possible to simultaneously use all functionality in a useful manner. We have created a bounty challenge to encourage the development of such a demonstration.


  • Lattice ICE40HX8K FPGA (7680 LUTs, 2 PLLs)
  • 32MB 16-bit SDRAM (166MHz)
  • 16MB NOR Flash (via included user-replaceable/upgradeable MMOD module)
  • 2 Digilent Pmod™ compatible expansion ports
  • 1 MMOD socket on back
  • MicroSD card slot on back
  • DDMI (Differential Data Multiple Interface) port
    • Supports DVI output over HDMI cable
  • USB-C for power and DFU configuration
  • USB host port
  • 60mm x 50mm board dimensions (V1)