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Knallloch is a stand-alone USB universal programmer, USB-UART bridge, USB-SPI bridge, bit-bang GPIO and debugging tool designed to be used with Lone Dynamics devices as well as other devices.

It can be used as a stand-alone USB programmer for MCUs and FPGAs or it can be connected to a Pmod-compatible port and act as a USB UART and USB GPIO/SPI/I2C bridge for a host system. Additionally, it can be used as part of a mass-programming jig by attaching pogo pins (e.g. P75-E2) to the grid.

Currently available for reservation. Final appearance, specifications, pricing and features subject to change.


  • USB HID bit-bang interface to 8 GPIO pins (3.3V)
  • USB CDC interface to UART w/ optional hardware flow control
  • 12-pin Pmod™ compatible header with UART + SPI (or 4 GPIO pins)
  • 10-pin male header provides access to the 8 GPIO pins
  • Grid supports a variety of possible target ISP headers
  • MicroUSB socket
  • Open-source software will be made available on Github
  • Board dimensions: 40mm x 20.32mm

Use Cases

  • Programming MCUs/FPGAs
  • Debugging and hardware development
  • Serial console for embedded systems
  • Data transfer between USB host and embedded systems

Designed by Lone Dynamics Corporation. Manufactured in Europe or the United States of America. Tested and shipped from Germany.



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