USB HOST Pmod™ Compatible Module

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Connect keyboards, mice and other USB devices to your FPGA development board or any system with a 12-pin Pmod™ compatible socket.

This module provides a Pmod™ compatible interface to a CH559T dual USB host controller IC connected to a dual USB Type-A socket. The 5V USB VBUS power is supplied by a step-up boost converter.

Discontinued in favor of the Müsli USB Pmod™ Compatible Module. Please let us know if you want one of these and we’ll make some available.


  • CH559L dual USB host controller
  • 5V step-up boost converter
  • Dual USB Type-A socket
  • 12-pin Pmod™ compatible interface (SPI and UART)
  • 48mm x 20.32mm board dimensions


  • Dual USB host controller
  • No external 5V power source required
  • Ships with firmware that supports a USB keyboard and mouse
  • Firmware can be reprogrammed via ISP header

Designed by Lone Dynamics Corporation. Manufactured, tested and shipped from Germany.


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